Total Freedom Protocol

A 12 week journey to free your soul and release the chains through spiritual healing transformation!

Are you feeling foggy from drama, trauma and addictions?

Do you Feel disconnected from your body and deep shame?

Are you feeling stuck in a loop or cycle in your life that no matter how much therapy you’ve done you are still imprisoned?

Are you finding that no matter how many affirmations or mantras you have spoken your results are undesirable or unsustainable?

Do you have a toxic relationship with food, sex, intimacy, self and your body?

Do you simply desire more joy, pleasure and more play?

Do you simply know there is so much more to life but struggling to know how to get to there?!

If you have answered YES to any of these it is time for your freedom!

These have become some of the many prisons we place ourselves in and most of the time we are unaware of it!

It is time to retire all that holds you back from what is divinely yours!

It is time to invest in taking this journey with me and my spiritual team!

We have your back in all realms of light!

Our clients are seeing and experiencing tremendous result!

Incredible life transforming results from the beginning, end and beyond!

If you are ready to light the torch inside of you and go full throttle towards total freedom- THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!!

In this time together you will focus on your bodies: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and implement a plan of high functioning nourishment! This is personally tailored for YOU!

Bring healing to your heart so that you can love and receive love on a larger scale!

Open your channels to your divine purpose and power of choice to create the life you desire!

Heal and bring light to past traumas and old stories that have been diluting your perception!

Release addictions!

Create action and breakthrough assignments that will catapult your life!

Create sustainable long lasting results and practices!

I promise that you will experience instant results and healing as well as tremendous results and healing throughout the program and onward!

If you are ready to let go of the lies, leashes and limitations your TIME IS NOW!

Want to know more about what you’ll receive?!

Physical Body

You’ll receive 12 weeks of nutritional guidance and movement guidance. There are 3 physical measurement systems in place to track progress on this level.

Emotional Body

We take a deep dive at the root of the shame, expose it, put it out on the table and start to shift and release- we focus on inner child healing, healing your stories and limiting beliefs.

Mental Body
We take a deep dive look at your thought patterns and beliefs that have created the container for your imprisonment and start to shift and reframe.

Sexual Body

This is the key to unlocking and expanding your pleasure capacity. We will identify where you are now and where you want to be! We will utilize different sexual healing techniques.

Spiritual Body

This is the foundation: strengthen your foundation and spiritual beliefs to where you are free to co-create with spirit.

Hear what clients that have been through the program are saying:

“The absolute most profound life changing moment has been the refraining from smoking marijuana.
Prior to the program, I had a lust and illogical obsession with it. Now, I don't even think about it.
The other life changing moment has been to release the responsibility of being the savior of my family.
The overall increase in motivation has been astronomical. I have more confidence and drive to take action.
That is leading me to follow my passion of acting and doors have been opening for me that
have been in support of that.
Lastly, but certainly not least, another huge life milestone was the declaration of my re-birth in a new
life of freedom. I finally feel free and I appointed February 13, 2019 as the official day of my freedom!” S.Z

"Before it was even a 3 weeks, I had 2 major breakthroughs! While I always knew what situations caused me to self medicate with drinking, I had forgotten the exact moment that led me to that path. I remember now and have to work towards healing and forgiving myself for allowing this person to cause me pain. Second, I’ve never had a problem with smoking pot. However, I noticed that I turned to smoking more while being in relationships and well… it was also free. So if it’s available then why not, right?!  I’m already laid back  but when I’m smoking things really don’t bother me. When I smoked with them it allowed me to deal with them and their BS. Instead of them rising to my level, I would lower my vibration to meet them on theirs. NOT ANY MORE , THIS QUEEN HAS AWOKEN!! Lent and this program started around the same time, I’m not a practicing Catholic but I do observe this time. I gave up drinking and smoking for it and combined with this program I’ve had so much clarity, BOTH of those things no longer serve me. I am returning to my ORIGINAL SELF and if you didn’t know… it feels SO  GOOD TO BE HERE!!” J.B

“I'm grateful for your relentless support during these past 12 weeks...with all the rollercoaster of ups and downs. Clearing mental, emotional, and physical blockages is the exact Kickstarter I needed to be able to make my quantum leap. The program has held me accountable to a consistent and committed program. You're right I've made leaps and bounds. I "get to" celebrate that and I get to be on an adventure to manifest my magic in career, passion, and soul.”️ Xi



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