Foster The Light

The Nonprofit project that brings spiritual programming into prisons and foster care systems. We have a team of holistic practitioners, energy workers, yoga teachers and social workers. Our goal is to have programming in 4 prisons and 3 foster care facilities in 2019.

This nonprofit project is personal to Shaunna as her brother was wrongly convicted of a murder that he didn't commit at the age of 17 and they have been fighting for his freedom since 2005. Shaunna has experienced the darkness that the prison system holds, how society cuts these people out and the change in her brother and through this she is moved to bring this type of programming to shift this environment.

Shaunna and her brother Jamiel were in the foster care system at a young age. Shaunna experienced trauma while being in foster care and desires to bring healing, love and safe space to these children.

If you’d like to volunteer your services or learn more please contact us.

More information coming soon.