About Shaunna Williams

Shaunna Williams, The Mystical Minister sets you free from shame through spiritual awakening and teaches you how to be who you are, wherever you are. Shaunna began her spiritual journey as a kid and studied many different denominations of the church and as she got older she began to lean towards a universal approach to God and spirituality through different avenues such as meditation, reiki and studying outside of Christian religion such as Buddhism. Shaunna is a Certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator, initiated Teacher of Light and High Priestess under the Heirarchy of Light Mystery School Lineage. While diving deep into her spiritual journey, simultaneously she was deep in her profession as a fitness expert, she started her fitness training in 2005. 

Shaunna studied social work at Lipscomb University, started working in substance abuse and mental health in 2010, is an ordained minister and has coached hundreds of people since 2005. She holds several certifications and trainings in alternative therapy modalities such as adept training, reiki, motivational interviewing, transformational coaching, etc..

She is driven daily to set people free from the prison that shame can create. She wants each individual to remember their divine perfection and to live a joyful life. Shaunna identifies as a queer person and goes by she/her/they/them pronouns.
The Author of The Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC: Inspirations and Practices To Empower The Queer and People of Color Communities to Live in Their Spiritual Truth.