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Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide spiritually driven content, courses, communities, sessions and teachings for the LGBTTQQIAAP community and people that are seeking spiritual healing, awakening and empowerment. We are here to be a safe haven for these people to fully expand into their divine power, grace and authenticity. We are here standing as a vessel to  remove the veil of shame brought on by religion, family, society and self. We vow to consistently maintain a safe, respectful, honoring space and uphold the context of miracle consciousness. 

I say we/our/us because I am very clear that I co-create this practice with my spirit team/Holy ancestors/angels/God.

Mystical Minister Programs:

Total Freedom Protocol 

A program for people that are spiritual seekers

This program supports in solving these problems:  issues with inconsistency in relationship with food and self that lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and self sabotaging habits such as addiction, eating disorders, distorted mindset and intimacy issues.
Issues with disconnection of the body, mind and spirit that lead to separation and dissatisfaction of life. Issues of shame that can be debilitating and harmful.

Benefits and Impact of the program: Professional support and accountability, vision and goal setting to support individualize treatment plan, nutrition and exercise guidance, spiritual counseling sessions and inner child therapeutic work.

End results: You will feel empowered and have healthier relationships with self, spirit and others. You'll have tools to support you for a lifetime. You'll have an opportunity to break and end cycles of addiction. Complete life transformation.   

Queer Hearted Soul Journey 

 A program for LGBTTQQIAAP spiritually seeking people

This program supports in solving these problems: the state of being and feeling spiritually lost, searching and unwanted by the church, family and society.

Benefits and Impact of program: We provide a safe, accepting and spiritually sound community for the group to heal their spiritual based wounds.
The program provides therapeutic and spiritual processes to heal and help to recover from the shame story.
The program introduces and provides spiritual tools that you can utilize in your daily life. The program provides professional and community support.

End result: You'll  have the ability to be spiritually open and empowered. You'll have a more integrated experience of life and remember divine love. You'll have a solid foundation for transformation.  

I offer these programs and additional spiritual services. The next step is to book your free consultation!

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